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Where Have You Been?

I admit it. I’ve been lax about this blog. There are a million reasons.

This summer was too wonderful–perfect weather, phenomenal produce. Sunshine lured me away from the keyboard. What more can anyone say about tomatoes? All you have to do is slice them, sprinkle on a little salt, a little sugar and indulge.

Summer turned into fall, which turned into an Indian Summer and I’m still eating tomatoes. Not perfect Indiana August tomatoes, but wonderful, fresh-from-the-garden, sit-on-the-porch-steps and let-the-juice-dribble tomatoes.

I’d like to tell you that I’ve ignored this site because I was caught up with the presidential campaign, but I wasn’t. Early on I cast my vote for Obama and figured he’d have a clear-cut victory, which he did.  I’m happy he won, but my hunch is he’ll hike down the same path as Jimmy Carter. Hope I’m wrong, but the guy has a streak of Puritanism in him. 

Maybe you saw me on Chanel 8, being interviewed about the election.

Walking toward Oceanaire for lunch with my friend Cheryl, the only o’s on my mind were oysters. The reporter blocked my way, asking me if I thought Hilliary’s speech at the Democratic convention would sway her supporters to join the cause. I’d didn’t have the heart to tell him the truth which was I don’t watch TV and had no idea what she said. Instead I said “naah, the speech didn’t really matter. I’m an Obama fan and so is everyone else I know.”

Clearly he profiled me: late-50’s, white, affluent (I scrub up well), educated woman. Hah! The best part of the interview was the shocked look on his face when I turned out to be just a working person and not some crazed, embittered feminist.

Enough of partisan politics, what’s taking up a chunk of my time is the money crisis we’re in.

Economics was never a favorite subject of mine. In college I sat listening to supply-and-demand, when the prof would say something about human behavior. I’d be startled out of my day-dreaming and think, “does he know anything about people? If so, he’d know that what he just said was crap.” One time I asked an econ professor if he really believed what he was saying. First he looked sheepish, then he looked guilty, then he pulled himself together and said, “Maybe.”

This crazy, global, world-class, byzantine mess we’re in, I’m addicted to it. It’s like a tornado running alongside the house, so close, it makes the windows rattle. Planet Money is my go-to-source, replacing food blogs as daily reads.

Even though I now know what the TED spread is, I’m a foodie at heart. Here’s my Ted Spread–4 oz. of cream cheese whipped, with half a container of Country Mouse, City Mouse Nyona Lake Jezebel. In keeping with tight economic times, make your own bread and slather it with spread.

And as Contry Mouse City Mouse owners, Katy and Erin, say,

“Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and ale in fear.” Aesop

Written by Susan Gillie

November 6, 2008 at 4:19 pm

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