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End Of An Era

Charles “Jug” Eckert, founder of Jug’s Catering, died Wednesday at the age of 73.

Long before it became fashionable for big-city chefs to traipse out to the countryside and slaughter pigs, Mr. Eckert was cookin’ up Rocky Mountain Oysters for his Indy clientele. According to the Star profile of his illustrious life and career

Those “Rocky Mountain oysters” — or hog testicles — were staples of a popular male-only party Eckert hosted with Early for 17 years. The last party was in 1991.

Early estimated that, at the party’s height, they purchased 1,000 pounds of testicles for 1,500 guests, not counting numerous party-crashers.

At one time, we figured we were the biggest buyer of hog testicles in the United States,” Early said. “That’s quite an accomplishment.

Who sez’s those Republicans don’t know how to have fun?

Condolences to his wife, Beatrice, his family and many, many friends.

Adieu Mr. Eckert.

Written by Susan Gillie

July 25, 2008 at 5:40 pm

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